Crochet Baby Patchwork Quilt

Here it is! Our Crochet Baby Patchwork Quilt in the 2nd color option called “Simple Life”. I cannot decide which I like more, this or the willow!? We are busy, busy finishing up the kits for these quilts! The kits will be in the shop starting this weekend. The kit comes with all of the blocks already stitched together with batting in the middle (ready to crochet/stitch together), all of the crochet thread that you will need and a pattern. We also made a video tutorial that we think will be very helpful! Below is a link to the video, which is in 2 parts. We meant for it to be on one part, but our computer skills are still not as good as our creative skills, so sorry! We have had a blast with these quilts, they are so much fun to work on!

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