Peacock Scarf Pattern

Peacock Scarf

I brought out this scarf today to keep warm in the newly frigid temperatures around here. I forgot how much I like it! So I thought I would share the pattern with you. I actually made a few of these last year, and no matter what color or yarn I chose, I was really pleased with the result. The pattern looks more complicated then it is, and knits up really quickly. I held together a basic Aran weight wool blend and a fine angora that changed colors slightly to make the scarf shown here. But I also made a few of them with only the wool blend, both turned out wonderfully. I also like my scarves really long, so you may not need as much yarn as the pattern calls for. Have fun!

The Peacock Scarf

UPDATE: I have recently started re-making this scarf in an entirely different yarn for a totally different look. Check it out here:

Sneek Peek: The Peacock Scarf Re-visited

I did take my needles down about 2 sizes to a #6, but used the exact same pattern with no other changes. We have also added a You Tube video that is very helpful with row 3 that you can find in this post.

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44 thoughts on “Peacock Scarf Pattern

  1. This is a beautiful scarf and as soon as I saw it, I knew that I would make it but my daughter who is 11 years old will beat me to it! Thanks for the free pattern.

    • hello, I am looking for the details in the peackock stich… but I’m Dutch and my english translation in the stiches is not very good.
      I know everything wonderfull about this stich happens in row 3.
      I understand it’s a pattern over 11 stitches.
      So you knit 2, put one stitch by YO, and then..I get all confused, and I know it’s probably nothing much… I think you suggest put 3 together? Maybe you have the time to help me to describe this 3 row in ‘normal’ english… I really hope so! Love from Hanny

  2. Mimi,
    Love the look of the scarf. I’m a relatively new knitter so maybe I missed something in the pattern. You use 2 different types of yarn, right? But there is no mention of changing to main color or contrasting color in the pattern instructions. Do you knit with both at the same time? If so, why the different amounts.

    • I am a new knitter also. Could you make the instructions a little simpler for me? I need to know exactly what kind of yarn to use and also how much.
      I apologise for my lack of understanding, I am sure everyoone else gets it but I need a little more help. Sincerely, Dolly Thank you

      • Sorry, I hope this helps. You can use one yarn, or for a fun effect you can use two different yarns and you hold them together as you jnit, just like they are one yarn. I used Berroco Ultra Alpaca and a shimmery fine yarn from Louisa Harding and held them together for the scarf shown in the picture. I also made a second scarf for a friend that was just the Ultra Alpaca and it was very cute as well.

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  4. I’m not sure I understand this pattern. If you p3tog won’t you be decreasing the size? When do you make up the new stitches? It is a beautiful scarf and I am excited to try making it.

    • Purling 3 together does decrease stitches. I didn’t see a post answering this question. I love the look of this scarf and can’t wait to make one, but I am having difficulty with the pattern instructions also. Thanks Debbie

  5. Second project I’ve ever knitted and this pattern looked daunting, but came super easy to me and it’s rather easy.

    One recommendation: make sure to count stitches after Row 3, the decorative row, because if you forget to do a yarn over or to P3tog it is a really hard piece to rip back to fix.

    One question, my scarf seems to be curling quite a bit. Is it happening to others? Or is it because I chose a different type of yarn.

    Thanks for the free pattern, it’s gonna be a great gift if it doesn’t curl to much on me.

  6. I just went to the pattern & printed it. This is a beautiful pattern. I just thought I would mention that the pattern says row 3 twice. The last row should say row 4. I figured most people would realize this already, but since there are many new knitters out there, I didn’t want them to be confused any more than they already are. 🙂

  7. When you do the YO, Yarn Overs, It replaces the stitches. I made this along time ago and have been surprised by the recent amount of activity on it. I will make one again this week to make sure the pattern is correct, but I am pretty sure it is accurate.

  8. My non-knitting husband solved this,lol, as Pearling 3 stitches together gets rid of only 2 stitches not 3, so the 2 yarnovers put them back. I love the pattern!

  9. Thank you for the free pattern. I am anxious to make this one. Has anyone used Homespun yarn for this scarf? I like its softness.

  10. I am ending up with 38 stitches after row 3. I know it has something to do with the pearl 3. I can’t figure out what the problem is with row three!

  11. I’ve been looking thru all your patterns and have some in my “save pattern” file. I just can’t believe, really, that you have so many beautiful patterns and for FREE! Amazing! Thank you very much. I know I will be using
    several of them as I’m on a scarf kick right now! :). Thanks again

  12. Just finished my second Peacock Scarf and both are beautiful!! Thank you! I actually found the instructions to be clear and accurate. I’m a novice knitter, this is my first “patterned” piece, and I whipped right thru.

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  15. I absolutely love this’s very easy once you figure out how to do the yo’ the video it really helps. Can’t wait to finish it!!

  16. This is a lovely pattern, I knitted two scarves for my daughters as Christmas presents; they were very well received and I have just completed another one , for one my daughter’s friends.

  17. I so want to knit this scarf. I have the perfect mohair and colors but I simply cannot find the pattern or get anything to load. Any way you could email me this pattern

  18. I knitted this in a varigated pink/purple 4 ply baby wool (177mt per skein) on 3.25 needles. Only had 2 skeins (100 gr). Cast on 56 stitches to allow for finer yarn. It blocked to 8 x 48 inches and looks superb!!

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