Free Pattern: Garden Girl Hat

Garden Girl Hats

Ooooops, we told a bunch of you that this pattern was already free for you to print on our blog. We were mistaken and I am sorry I sent so many of you on a wild goose chase. So alas, here it really is for you to get going. Last night I was up late watching Legally Blonde( I have watched it too many times to count and am never sick of it) and noticed that Elle wears a hat similar to this one. It was so cute on her, I think I may have to make one for myself. We sell the silk flowers here at the shop and a ton of colors in the yarn that we used.

PDF Garden Girl Hat Pattern

10 thoughts on “Free Pattern: Garden Girl Hat

  1. I’ve never done this stitch before and am having issues understanding your explanation. Can you direct me to a video for this?

    Reply at email.

    Thanks for the help! Really cute design, my nana would LOVE this for Christmas…


  2. Tried the pattern. It came out kinda funky. I am new to crochet…I don’t know. It wasn’t round. It is a great stitch to learn. Has anyone tried the pattern? Should I stretch it to shape???

    • Ok…first forgive me for the “funky” discription in my first post. I like funky…the shape was not that. In row 5 when it says we should have 30 stiches…I ended up with 28 and to add two more to get the 30 caused a buckle and went into row 6.

      I completed the first hat for my daughter and it still looks good with the buckle. I am doing one for myself and going to just do the 28. Will keep you posted.

      • I just found this pattern today and did it up for myself. Its cute but a little small for and adult with the G hook. I added a couple more rows and a ruffle on the bottom instead of elastic. It is super cute.

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