Quiltmania Special Children 2015

qmaniaI am always excited to see the new Quiltmania Special Children Magazine when it comes out each year! We especially love all things for kids and so its always a fave. This year is the 2nd year in a row that we have had one of our original designs featured in it, so its a little extra special! It has just started showing up in the U.S. stores, so look out for one, they always sell out quickly. Our quilt Sleepytime is included alongside 19 other adorable projects. I like them all, but there is a quilt called “I Spy” by Trish Harper that is my very favorite, its pictured below.

qmania3Isn’t it sweet? And below is our Sleepytime Quilt, my other favorite!

qmani2We still have some kits left, just click the link below if you would like to order one.

Sleepytime Kit

Sleepytime is here!


This is Sleepytime! I think it is my very favorite baby quilt, EVER! And that is saying a lot! This quilt combines simple patchwork with adorable little sleepy animals that are appliqued into their beds. The border is a beautiful scallop that is also the binding as it comes around from the back. We used a beautiful Irish Linen that is included in our kits. Jeanette also hand quilted this little lovely to make it extra special. You can purchase just the pattern or a kit through the links below. So, what do you think?

Sleepytime Pattern

** Sleepytime is also now available in a Instant Download PDF Pattern!!

Sleepytime Kit with Irish Linen and Pre-cut squares!


Four At A Time Half Square Triangles!

Baby Chevron

I just finished this Baby Chevron Quilt.I had so much fun making it and actually it is the 2nd chevron quilt I have made in the last few weeks, the other one is a bit larger and it is not quilted yet.

One of the reasons I had such a blast making these is I tried out a new way of making half square triangles. This method makes them four at a time!! I have made a lot of half square triangles in my day, and have used a million different methods. I am loving this new method! With that said, I love it for larger sizes, and still prefer Thangles for smaller sizes. Anytime I am making a 4″ or smaller I  will stick with the Thangles, but anything larger and this is my new favorite method. Give it a try and see what you think!

P.S. If you want to purchase patterns or kits for this quilt, click here: Baby Chevron


First you will need to cut your squares, you will need one each of the two fabrics that you would like to make up your half square triangle.  For mine, I used a cream and a yellow polka dot.  I started out with 8″ squares, that will yield (4) 5″ ish half square triangles. Since I am using all half square triangles in my quilt, I don’t mind if they are not exactly 5″. If you need an exact size, or another size, here is the math for this method:

Half Square Triangle Size divided by 0.64= the square size you will need to start with

4 at a time

Place your 2 squares right sides together and pin. Using a 1/4″ seam, stitch around all four sides.



Now cut the square in half on the diagonal in both both directions.


It will look like this. Now you just need to press them open! Make sure you are pressing, not ironing! You are on bias and if you iron back and forth instead of up and down pressing, you will get stretch and distortion.


TA DA! Wasn’t that crazy easy and crazy fast!!! I a made a chevron, but you can do pinwheels or a million other blocks with these half square triangles. What do you think!?


Crochet Baby Patchwork Quilt

Here it is! Our Crochet Baby Patchwork Quilt in the 2nd color option called “Simple Life”. I cannot decide which I like more, this or the willow!? We are busy, busy finishing up the kits for these quilts! The kits will be in the shop starting this weekend. The kit comes with all of the blocks already stitched together with batting in the middle (ready to crochet/stitch together), all of the crochet thread that you will need and a pattern. We also made a video tutorial that we think will be very helpful! Below is a link to the video, which is in 2 parts. We meant for it to be on one part, but our computer skills are still not as good as our creative skills, so sorry! We have had a blast with these quilts, they are so much fun to work on!

Crochet Baby Patchwork Sneak Peek

This little baby quilt is our latest obsession! We have been having a blast working on our samples. You can make this beautiful heirloom entirely without your sewing machine! Just curl up with a good movie on your couch and get stitching.

What do you think? We would love some feedback from you.

We are working on the kits now, and will be filming a video tutorial next week, so stay tuned.

I Love Patchwork

Are you familiar with the term Zakka? It is a Japanese word meaning miscellaneous goods. In the sewing world it has become a work to describe the myriad of objects that you can make for your home. They are sweet and simple items with a certain old fashioned aesthetic that enhance the environment that you live in day to day. Because they are made by you, they represent your personal style perfectly. I Love Patchwork is a new book by Rashida Coleman-Hale that is packed full of Zakka projects.  Her fabric choices are so beautiful, I want to copy everything exactly as it appears in the book! Everything included is worth making, but I  am particularly in love with the two items below. The little lamb is a must! I don’t think I have every found a calendar that I have deemed worthy to hang on my wall, I always hide them inside the cabinet. But the fabric version below will have a prominent place on my wall once I can get it made!!