Who are the Piper’s Girls?


 We are the Piper’s Girls. We design patterns for quilting, sewing and knitting. We specialize in children’s and baby items, but dabble in a bit of everything. It is our goal to have tons of fun while making beautiful things as well as to help you do the same. We have a design studio in Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as offer classes & shopping events at various Pop-Up locations near & far. We have a carefully curated WEBSITE , where we sell all of our favorite fabrics, tools and patterns and kits for our original designs. We operated a Retail location in Sugarhouse in Salt Lake City for many years that we closed in July 2015, we are proud to say it was featured in Better Homes & Gardens Quilt Sampler Twice! We are the authors of Quilting Row by Row published by C & T Publishing, check it out, its a fantastic book! We have also had designs featured in multiple magazines and books. Our patterns are available for Wholesale , please contact us for more info.  Thanks for checking us out, we hope to stay friends!


20 thoughts on “Who are the Piper’s Girls?

  1. There is so much more you guys could add. You offer so much more and the history of the store is so much deeper. This is good start, but I would like to see more.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. I was in your wonderful shop this past weekend and loved the shop! I’m so glad I found your shop with the help of the hotel directory (Little American) where your shop was mentioned….and my car’s navigation. I bought way way too much, but could have stayed all day. Loved nearly everything I saw in the shop and really enjoyed the staff. Wished you had a little more fabric, but I bought a couple of your BOMs and have plenty to do.
    Thanks so much for a wonderful experience! I am sure I will be visiting your online shop. i loved the cute little baby knitted hats and sweaters. I just wish I had the skills to knit. I crochet, but can’t read a pattern too well.

  3. I love the picture of your shop, I now have to visit, I have taken classes from Lori and I have been looking for a knit shop. See you soon!

    • I’ll be looking often at your site. It’s great. Just copied the penny scarf pattern. What is the gauge for that, please. Edie

  4. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing the bib idea, i am getting ready to start on bibs for some very special friends of mine that are way bigger than that of a baby though the concept will be the same. Thank you again for sharing this.

    • I will add you. We have one that started this week, and we will have several more before summer. You should get the future schedule emailed to you now that you are on our list.

  5. i started making the romantic Ruffle Scarf and I am at 329 stitches on a 60 in circular needle. I cannot go any further because there isn’t anymore room. Do anyone make needles longer than 60 inches”. what size would I need to accomodate 1280 stitches?

    • Yes, we are still trying to sell our building and relocate, but we are still in Sugarhouse at this time. We are open to shop Tuesdays through Saturday 12-5pm. Stop by!

  6. Really sad to see your beautiful and unique shop close in Sugarhouse. It was always so fun to shop there and your fabrics and patterns were the best. I’m glad I can keep in touch with you here. Hope to see you open another shop in the near future.

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