Romantic Ruffle Scarf


We are loving the beauty and simplicity of this scarf! We are offering the pattern as a freebie for you! This is a scarf that will knit up pretty quickly as you watch your favorite movie. Wear it around and every one will ask where it came from. We used a beautiful french yarn called songe, but there anything with a similar gauge will do. You will need 2 balls, some needles and off you go! Enjoy!

Note, since we originally posted this pattern, songe has been discontinued. We have provided the Yarndex link above so you can see the exact gauge to find something similar. We have made this scarf in many yarns, even different gauges. Sometimes the result is shorter and a little wider, but it is always beautiful! We found that bamboo and silk blends work a great!

Click here to download the pattern:Romantic Ruffle scarf


57 thoughts on “Romantic Ruffle Scarf

    • This is so pretty! I have not tried knitting yet. I love crochet. But this pattern is going to make me a convert yet.. I can’t wait to make one for my daughter and one for myself and gifts… Is the yarn a fingering weight yarn? And could you use a 4 ply yarn ? or would that be too thick. Thank you for sharing this!!

  1. I have tried to get your free patterns and have no luck. If I can’t receive any of your free patterns as advertised, why don’t you just take me off your email list!!!!

  2. It would be nice of you to honor your offer of a free pattern for the romantic ruffled scarf??????????????????????????????????? Have tried and tried to locate the patten> Where is it???????????????????? I have clicked on free pattern and no pattern????????????????????????????????????????

  3. The pattern looks really easy but needs some clarification. It seems that we start with 80 stitches (about 3 1/2 inches) and end up with 1280 stitches) about 56 inches. Don’t we need to decrease in order to get the end of the piece down to 3 1/2 inches again????

    I’m making this for my 91 year old mom for Valentine’s day and would really appreciate your advice as soon as possible.



  4. I think this is an absolutely wonderful scarf. I only hope I have the skill to accomplish it. Also, I had NO problem getting to the pattern. One click and I was there. Thank you. Will be back.

  5. I have just finished knitting this lovely scarf and just love it. My only question is the final touch…the button…is it fix and attached to both sides or…did you knit/crochet a little loop to attach…


  6. Can anyone explain me how am i supposed to fit all the 1280 stitches in one needle.I am working with circular needles for this pattern but they also dont fit all the stitches.

  7. Hi I finished the whole scarf but my scarf didn’t end up as long as it is shown in the picture.I have no idea what I did wrong although I did exactly like it was scarf is all curled up and is very small.please help

  8. Do you have a picture of the giant basket scarf? Sounds like an easy project which would be good for me since I’m still a beginning knitter. Thank you!

  9. Thank you for the beautiful scarf pattern. I have just finished mine and it looks lovely. I am going to make another one in a different colour.I look forward to more of your creative designs.

  10. I love this pattern. I now have 640 stiches on my needles
    am using signture silhotte 32inch ciruclars and its working
    getting the pattern was easy.
    I love it

  11. Hi,
    ….oh …thank you for the beautiful Romantic Ruffle pattern !
    Liebe grüße aus Norddeutschland from Germany from

  12. Half way through knitting the lovely romantic scarf,could`nt wait to buy circular needles so am using two pairs of the longest needles I had! it is working out o.k I love a challenge.

  13. This is a beautiful pattern. Do you have any idea how many hours it took to knit? I’d like to make a couple for Christmas presents and I don’t have much spare time.

  14. I love this scarf. I have made it twice. The first one was made with a yarn that turned out to be so soft and draped well around the neck. The second one turned our a little stiff but I still love it. I am trying to find the yarn you used to make it again and again and agin.

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  16. Hello, I think this scarf is so beautiful. I would really love to have this pattern if u are offering it?? I love knitting nd trying new patterns. Can u please get back to me? Thanks a bunch and God Bless…. 🙂

  17. Hello! Thank you for the pattern. There are 2 Q`s however:
    1. about circumference around the neck – is using double strand giving you double the gage (instead of approx 30 cm with one strand you get approx 60 cm with 2 strands)?
    2. the edge of the scarf – approx 1 inch wide (on both mohair and viscose versions) looks like either double strand or a different size needles were used, it looks more dence than the rest of the scarf. Please clarify.
    Thank you and happy knitting in the New year!

  18. I just clicked on the “romantic ruffled scarf” directly under the initial description and it was there.
    I find it interesting that when something is FREE, people can become so agitated with the giver because they are struggling with their computer.
    Seriously….life is way too short!

  19. The romantic ruffled scarf knit with mohair is absolutely gorgeous. Even though I don’t wear such scarves I am compelled to knit it for somebody. But I am unable to find your “updated” version of the pattern. Is it possible to just end the original pattern earlier? Waiting for a reply. Thank you. Barbara

  20. Hello pipersgirls and the rest of the knitters! I really would like to make this scarf, but I kindly ask if anybody could answer these questions:
    1. about circumference around the neck – is using double strand giving you double the gage (instead of approx 30 cm with one strand you get approx 60 cm with 2 strands)?
    2. the edge of the scarf – approx 1 inch wide (on both mohair and viscose versions) looks like either double strand or a different size needles were used, it looks more dense than the rest of the scarf (does not anybody notice that excep myself?). Please clarify.
    Thank you in advance for your reply!

  21. Thank you, I’ve been searched for beautiful ruffle pattern, for my shawl projects, the ruffle in the pattern that I bought look not really match with the shawl. and I found here. Thank you Very much ^_^

  22. Love your pattern–THANK YOU! No problem printing it. I have some lace weight yarn in my stash that will make this into a beautiful gift for someone. Don’t know who yet but there is someone who will love it!

  23. Just found your beautiful scarf pattern… no problem downloading it! Will make it our of Red & Purple lace yarn and may give it for a door prize at one of our Red Hat ladies get together!!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful pattern!

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