Baby Angora Kitty Cap

Baby Angora Kitty Cap

I love this little hat so much! It is very sweet, simple to knit and will look just darling on a little girl or boy. It is made with Anny Blatts so soft angora super yarn, which comes in several different colors. I have made a pink one and a gray one, and both looked adorable on the little babes. The pattern is one size, it will fit most 3-9 month olds. You only need one ball and a pair of #4 knitting needles and you are off! What makes this cap even batter is the fact that we are giving you the pattern for free!
Click this link to download the pattern in a PDF:
Baby Angora Kitty Cap Pattern

6 thoughts on “Baby Angora Kitty Cap

  1. Hi – I LOOOOVE this pattern! However, I started knitting, and my initial garter rows look gigantic (like they would fit my adult head). Could you post the gauge for the pattern? Thanks!

  2. Hello…I am a crocheter…I would love to know where you got the cool hat stand…also…this hat is so beautiful I may have to pick up my knitting needles…thanks so much

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