Petite Penny Scarf


One of our most popular Free Knitting Patterns is our Penny Scarf . I love making them because they are simple and quick, but its also my favorite scarf to wear. So of course, I wanted my daughter Beatrix to have a matching one! I’m dying, isn’t it adorable on her?! And its also simple and quick, in fact the pattern is practically the same, just a few little changes. So, get some needles, a ball of DK yarn (it only takes 1 ball!) and get knitting this for your favorite little one. It should fit most kids from about 10 months to about 2 years and you could easily make the neck band a little longer for a little 3 year old. We used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in Ecru for our scarf, if you need some we have a little left in stock. Click the link below to download the Free PDF Pattern

Petite Penny Scarf


Baby Angora Kitty Cap

Baby Angora Kitty Cap

I love this little hat so much! It is very sweet, simple to knit and will look just darling on a little girl or boy. It is made with Anny Blatts so soft angora super yarn, which comes in several different colors. I have made a pink one and a gray one, and both looked adorable on the little babes. The pattern is one size, it will fit most 3-9 month olds. You only need one ball and a pair of #4 knitting needles and you are off! What makes this cap even batter is the fact that we are giving you the pattern for free!
Click this link to download the pattern in a PDF:
Baby Angora Kitty Cap Pattern

Giant Basket Stitch Scarf

I came across this scarf as I was switching out my summer wardrobe for my winter one. I made this scarf a couple of years ago, and had totally forgotten about it. I totally fell in love with it all over again! I remember that this was really easy, but it looks very complicated. We still sell the yarn and I still had the pattern, so I am going to share it with you! Anything very chunky will work, preferably you will want something with a gauge of 2-3 stitches per inch on #11 or #15 needles. This scarf took (2) 100 gram hanks, but you could use more or less depending on the length that you would like. You will love this scarf!  Click here to download the PDF pattern:Giant Basket Stitch Scarf

The Inaugural Hat

This is the little black dress of winter hats.  I have one that I wear constantly, and it works with everything in my winter wardrobe. It is knit in the round, with the little bow edge knit at the end. We made ours using Rowan- 4 ply wool yarn, we prefer black , of course. You will need 2 balls, some needles and off you go! The best part about it is we are giving you the pattern for free!

Click here for the Inaugural Hat Pattern in a PDF

P.S. We call it the Inaugural Hat because we got the idea for it from a newscaster who was wearing a similar one during Obama’s televised Presidential Inauguration. She looked fabulous, and we became obsessed with making one!

Romantic Ruffle Scarf


We are loving the beauty and simplicity of this scarf! We are offering the pattern as a freebie for you! This is a scarf that will knit up pretty quickly as you watch your favorite movie. Wear it around and every one will ask where it came from. We used a beautiful french yarn called songe, but there anything with a similar gauge will do. You will need 2 balls, some needles and off you go! Enjoy!

Note, since we originally posted this pattern, songe has been discontinued. We have provided the Yarndex link above so you can see the exact gauge to find something similar. We have made this scarf in many yarns, even different gauges. Sometimes the result is shorter and a little wider, but it is always beautiful! We found that bamboo and silk blends work a great!

Click here to download the pattern:Romantic Ruffle scarf