Breast Nest ?


I know! It is a really terrible name, but you try and come up with a better one! Okay, there are several other names that are better for this contraption using the words hooter and such but they are all trademarked. Any what, what this “breast nest” is, is  a wonderful cover for breastfeeding, that allows you to have some privacy in public with ease. It is also quite the fashion accessory. And come on, who doesn’t want to add one more accessory to their outfit? So we have made a wonderful free pattern and tutorial with lots of pictures so that even the most novice seamstress can make this. Every new mom loves it, it is a wonderful shower gift! It is also very in-expensive and only takes about an hour to make. A little fashion tip: when making this for a friend, pick a fabric that looks like a dress she would wear not a fabric that you think will co-ordinate with her nursery. This is more for her than the baby, so in other words if she is having a boy, you can still totally go with a large pink floral. I made my friend Christine pose for us while feeding her adorable little Iris. I don’t think she understood what this contraption I was making her put on was, but once she used it she was hooked. So anyway, please enjoy this free pattern and make them for all of your friends!

Click here for our Breast Nest Tutorial in a PDF

Baby Iris

2 thoughts on “Breast Nest ?

  1. wow – this tutorial is fantastic. Thanks so much. Can you tell me where to buy the boning? Do you have it at the store? Thanks so much!!!

  2. As the guinea pig for what I have dubbed the “SuperMommy Cape” I can attest to how wonderful this is! At first I thought how much better than a simple blanket could it be? BUT it makes the project of nursing in public SO hassle free and it’s way more discreet. Plus – when you’re done you just flip it around and you’re back to active SuperMommy status.
    It’s a perfect shower gift for sure. Go to Piper’s Quilts…

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