The Inaugural Hat

This is the little black dress of winter hats.  I have one that I wear constantly, and it works with everything in my winter wardrobe. It is knit in the round, with the little bow edge knit at the end. We made ours using Rowan- 4 ply wool yarn, we prefer black , of course. You will need 2 balls, some needles and off you go! The best part about it is we are giving you the pattern for free!

Click here for the Inaugural Hat Pattern in a PDF

P.S. We call it the Inaugural Hat because we got the idea for it from a newscaster who was wearing a similar one during Obama’s televised Presidential Inauguration. She looked fabulous, and we became obsessed with making one!

15 thoughts on “The Inaugural Hat

  1. I have some great khaki/stone colored Rowan yarn that would look very nice…I’ll have to add this to my list of quick projects to start soon

  2. I love everything about your shop. I was wondering with all the knitting patterns, can they be crochet ? Could you let me know?


  3. why do you use a size 0 and 1 needle with a 4 ply yarn? It seems the needles are too small for that weight. Please help because I love the pattern. Thanks so much.

  4. The Innaugural Hat has to be the most adorable hat ever made. I see some hats that would be perfect for my granddaughters, too. Great stuff!

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