Fabric by Fabric One-Yard Wonders

This book is just in time for some last minute home made gift giving!  All of the projects are super simple to make and all require just One yard of fabric! Oh and there are 101 of them! So there is something to give to everyone on your list. P.S. the book also has full size patterns for all of the projects. It seriously packs a punch for just one book.   I have highlighted a few of my fave designs below.

A Handbag and accessories for your mom!

A great neighbor gift perhaps?

For your girlfriend who just had a baby.

For your artistic niece or nephew.

Seriously this book has something fast and fantastic that you can make for everyone on your list!

2 thoughts on “Fabric by Fabric One-Yard Wonders

  1. Thabk you for including my pattern, the crayon purse/ammo belt in your list of favorites! I love this book, and can’t wait to get cranking on a few projects. Happy sewing to you!

  2. Hey there! This book looks great. I have what must be an earlier version of this book, “One Yard Wonders”. Is there a big difference between the two books, do you know?

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