Angela’s Quilt

This is a fabulous new quilt we have hanging in the shop. The maker and designer, Angela, made this as a first attempt at an Applique quilt. So if you are scared to do applique, don’t be! With a little determination you too could make something as wonderful as this! The designs are from a well known artist, Charley Harper. We have patterns for the quilt plus you must purchase the Charley Harper coloring book to get the applique images.

I Love Patchwork

Are you familiar with the term Zakka? It is a Japanese word meaning miscellaneous goods. In the sewing world it has become a work to describe the myriad of objects that you can make for your home. They are sweet and simple items with a certain old fashioned aesthetic that enhance the environment that you live in day to day. Because they are made by you, they represent your personal style perfectly. I Love Patchwork is a new book by Rashida Coleman-Hale that is packed full of Zakka projects.  Her fabric choices are so beautiful, I want to copy everything exactly as it appears in the book! Everything included is worth making, but I  am particularly in love with the two items below. The little lamb is a must! I don’t think I have every found a calendar that I have deemed worthy to hang on my wall, I always hide them inside the cabinet. But the fabric version below will have a prominent place on my wall once I can get it made!!