Our Favorite Way to Baste a Quilt for Quilting

505This is 505, it is one of our very favorite products!!! We love it because it does exactly what it claims to do ,which is provide a temporary bond for your quilt top, batting and backing so that you can machine or hand quilt it, without gumming up your machine needle or hand quilting needle. It will completely dissolve once your quilt is washed! We also love it because it is a major time saver, and any product that saves us time and works is a must!

I am basting my Modern I-spy quilt today so that I can machine quilt it. We have a really simple method for doing this using 505 and we wanted to share it with you. This method works wonderfully for all size quilts that you need basted together for either hand quilting or machine quilting on your own machine.

You will need:

A wooden fence, if you don’t have one go and borrow a neighbors for a few minutes

Your quilt top

Batting that is at least 2 ” larger than your quilt top all the way around

Your backing fabric which also needs to be at least 2″ larger than your quilt all the way around

A can of 505 spray adhesive

push pins

ruler and rotary cutter

a buddy is helpful, but you can also do this on your own

Start out by push pinning your batting into the fence, making sure that there are no wrinkles or bunching. Now spray 505 all evenly all over the batting.

Now starting in one corner press your backing fabric to the batting and smooth evenly from top to bottom. If you get any ripples, you can peel the backing fabric back from the batting and start again, re-smoothing the area. The 505 acts sort of like a post it, you pull the fabric off of it for a few minutes and than reposition with out needing to spray any more adhesive. If you have a buddy, it is helpful for one person to smooth down the fabric while the other person keeps the quilt from touching the batting until the person smoothing gets to that section of the fabric.

Now remove this from the fence and take it inside to your cutting mat. Using your rotary cutter and ruler trim off any excess fabric that may be hanging over your batting and make sure that the 4 corners are squared off.


Once this is finished, take the piece back out to the fence and push pin it in place again with the backing side against the fence and the batting side facing out. Now repeat the spraying process on this side. Now starting in the top left corner press your quilt top to the batting, smoothing as you go from top to bottom to completely adhere it. Make sure there are no wrinkles or ripples and make sure that there is a 2 ” edge where the batting is larger than the quilt top all the way around all four edges.



We also use our ruler to give one final smoothing on the quilt top. Ripples are not your friends when quilting, so make sure they are all gone!

Now remove your quilt from the fence and you are all basted and ready to quilt! Now, wasn’t that easy?!

I am making this Modern I Spy quilt for my 2 year old Ronan. Here is a quick video to show you why an I-spy quilt is so great for little one’s !