Modern Rainbow Baby Quilt

modern rainbow babycover

This is our Modern Rainbow Baby Quilt! It is made using a paper piecing method, so the blocks come out just perfect with little effort. We think it is a great quilt for either a girl or a boy, really any stylish hip baby will love it! So

We are giving you the pattern for free! You can print off the PDF through the link below:

Modern Rainbow Baby Quilt in a PDF

Jen’s 1st quilt


I LOVE seeing some ones first quilt! This is another student from our Beginning Quilting class at Piper’s Quilts, who name is Jen, and this is her first quilt. Can you believe how fabulous it is!? She used Thangles for all of the half square triangles and she loved working with them. To me this looks like a quilt that an advanced quilter made! She is still going to add a simple cream border and a chocolate brown binding. I think it looks very fresh and modern, but also has a traditional feel. I love it and wanted to share!

Sidewalks Fabric


Sidewalks is my obsession this week. I just started cutting up my fat quarter bundle last night. I ended up staying up into the week hours of the night after a fabulous little girl quilt idea popped into my head. I can’t wait to share the applique part of the quilt, I am so pleased with it, but it needs a bit more work. I have loved every single collection from October Afternoon, they are just perfect for what we like to design for children.


The Awl, Our Favorite Tool


The one sewing and quilting tool that I use the most is an awl. Surprisingly,I find that most quilters  don’t have one or use one. I recommend you get one and give it a whirl. You may even find some new uses for it. Here are just a few ways that I use mine.

1. “No more flipped seam allowances”. How many times has your seam been flipped by your sewing machine foot and sewn down in the wrong direction? This happens really easily and can cause you some trouble while stitching your quilt. If you use the point of your awl to guide the seam under the foot in the right direction this will never happen. Any time you have tricky seams, whip out your awl. So simple! (As shown above)

2. When easing 2 pieces of fabric together, use the awl to pull or push the fabric where you need it to be and hold it in place while stitching.

3. I use my awl as my un-picker,  I like it better than any other I have tried.

4. It is a fantastic way to tease, push and pull a project that is sewn inside out and than reversed. For example an animal softie. When you turn it inside out, the awl is the best tool in the world to get all on the legs and hands to turn inside out to exactly the correct shape.

5. We also use the awl to easily turn under the seam allowance edges for our machine Applique method.

This is only the start! There are 101 other uses , I will share more in further posts. Give it a try!

If you need one, you can purchase one from us by clicking here! AWL


Four At A Time Half Square Triangles!

Baby Chevron

I just finished this Baby Chevron Quilt.I had so much fun making it and actually it is the 2nd chevron quilt I have made in the last few weeks, the other one is a bit larger and it is not quilted yet.

One of the reasons I had such a blast making these is I tried out a new way of making half square triangles. This method makes them four at a time!! I have made a lot of half square triangles in my day, and have used a million different methods. I am loving this new method! With that said, I love it for larger sizes, and still prefer Thangles for smaller sizes. Anytime I am making a 4″ or smaller I  will stick with the Thangles, but anything larger and this is my new favorite method. Give it a try and see what you think!

P.S. If you want to purchase patterns or kits for this quilt, click here: Baby Chevron


First you will need to cut your squares, you will need one each of the two fabrics that you would like to make up your half square triangle.  For mine, I used a cream and a yellow polka dot.  I started out with 8″ squares, that will yield (4) 5″ ish half square triangles. Since I am using all half square triangles in my quilt, I don’t mind if they are not exactly 5″. If you need an exact size, or another size, here is the math for this method:

Half Square Triangle Size divided by 0.64= the square size you will need to start with

4 at a time

Place your 2 squares right sides together and pin. Using a 1/4″ seam, stitch around all four sides.



Now cut the square in half on the diagonal in both both directions.


It will look like this. Now you just need to press them open! Make sure you are pressing, not ironing! You are on bias and if you iron back and forth instead of up and down pressing, you will get stretch and distortion.


TA DA! Wasn’t that crazy easy and crazy fast!!! I a made a chevron, but you can do pinwheels or a million other blocks with these half square triangles. What do you think!?