Apliquick Tools Tutorial

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Isn’t this block fabulous!? We made it using a few new tools that we are carrying & loving! We think you will like them too! So we have created a quick tutorial on how to use the Apliquick products. These tools will help you turn the edges over,with ease,for fabulous applique on even the tiniest of shapes. Whether your are doing Applique by machine or hand, when the edges are turned under accurately, it looks just beautiful, and your Quilts will last long enough to become heirlooms. And who doesn’t want beautiful applique results!? Follow the link below to download out tutorial:

Apliquick Tutorial

With a little bit of practice, tiny applique images like the ones we made above from the Story Quilt Books will be simple for you. We are making a Winter Theme applique quilt that incorporates this little girl & dog. Stay tuned! We think its going to be fabulous!

We sell the Apliquick products online, they are less expensive in a set that includes everything you need to get started or we also sell everything separately. Click here to order.

appliquick set

Felt Applique Tutorial


We talked a little while back about our new Love Affair with Bamboo Felt. We have been using it a lot in our applique quilts recently, so we thought we better give you a quick run down on our technique so that you can try it out yourself! We used a lot of the felt appliqué in our M is for Monsters quilt as you can see on the guy above, it can add a wonderful 3 D element and a wow factor! i just started a Monster Lovie Doll that I decided I MUST make for my little guy for Valentine’s, I used it to show you our Felt Applique technique, and will share the full pattern as well as the finished result, later this week in case any of you want to make one too! Click the link below for our full tutorial:

Felt Machine Applique Tutorial

We also sell it it sheets and sample packs if you would like to get some and give it a try. Bamboo Felt from Piper’s Girls

Our Favorite Invisible Thread for Machine Applique


We are big lovers of applique! We like both hand and machine applique, but tend to do much more machine applique to keep up with the pace that’s needed to create samples for our pattern designs, We have come up with our own method that is a blend of several different methods, we tend to use different styles based on the applique shape, which we feel gives us the best result. But no matter the shape or method, we always secure the applique with a tiny zig-zag stitch that is as wide as it is long, and we always use invisible thread to do this. You use the invisible thread on the top, but never in the bobbin. We like the invisible thread the best because it gives an appearance most like hand applique. The only problem with the invisible thread is that a lot of them feel like fishline, not at all like thread, in other words they are a bit of a pain in the butt. If you use just any invisible thread, you probably will end of not liking it very much. We have loved YLI’s version and have used it for years, but than we found Superior’s Mono-Poly! In our opinion, its the bomb! It behaves the most like a regular thread, than any thing we have found. Plus, it comes with a little mesh net that you place around the spool when it is on your machine, that helps keep the tension correct. Before, we were making our own out of pantyhose! So make sure you do not throw this bonus item away when you open your thread. Anyhow, we love it and if you ever want to try this type of machine applique, it is our #1 recommendation! It comes in a smoke color and clear, we always use the clear.

P.S. You can purchase it from us on our website, if you want to! Click here: Mono-Poly Thread in clear


W is for Whale

W is for Whale

Yay! W is for Whale is finally in the shop and the kits are all done. Phew! This guy gave us a few bumps along the way, but now that he is here, we are in love!  This darling quilt is meant to be a baby quilt, but it also fits wonderfully on a toddler bed. It is applique, but it is simple applique. We think he is simply stunning! What do you think?

UPDATE: W for Whale is still available in Kits & Patterns, follow the links below if you would like one!

W is for Whale PDF Pattern

W is for Whale Kit
W is for Whale

Britt’s Animal Alphabet

Britt is a darling customer at the shop, and this is her quilt. The design is from the Animal Alphabet pattern from Don’t Look Now. She made it for her first baby who was born this summer. Isn’t it wonderful?! She did a fantastic job! Britt had never done any applique before taking our Invisible Machine Applique Class. If you love applique, but are scared of it, don’t be! You too can do quilts as fabulous as this!!!