Just to Brighten Your Day: Its A Christmas Miracle


Just in time, when we had almost lost hope we received our Friends for Christmas books in the mail. We actually received them a couple of days ago, but I could not tell you yet because I got a Virus on my computer. It erased weeks and weeks worth of work. Shame on whatever nerd out there makes these horrible things!
Anyway we received a bunch of these books, but many were already pre-sold. Also I spoke to the distributor and we received the last batch! No More! The desginer has decided not to reprint. So I have a very limited number of these books for sale if you want one.
This quilt has been one of the most popular quilts in our shop ever!!! The designer Lynette Anderson is from Australia and has a wonderful blog.

Can you believe it is December? The weather here has been amazing, almost like spring still. As I was leaving work last night I took this photo in front of the shop.

Isn’t It amazing!

I am going to finish my holiday decorating this weekend and get the shop into a little Christmas. Below is my tree that I love more than anything!~~