Etsy Favorites: Please Be Still

I think that there is one thing that my husband might love more then me, and it is chairs. I know it is a little odd, but he is an avid lover of modern design, and there are a plethora of chairs that represent this style. Most of which we have crammed in our house, or stuffed into out shed, multiple chairs deep. It seems silly, but one of the things we fight most about is too many chairs in one room. I start to feel claustrophobic, but he could fill it to the brim.   So for Valentines Day I got this fabulous print and had it framed for him. It has all of the chairs that he loves, yet takes up much less space. I found it on Etsy at a shop called Please Be Still. The artists name is Jen Renninger and she has fabulous prints, cards and what not. I loved everything she had to offer, check it out and see what you think! Below is another print of hers, that I would love to have for my studio.