Ghastlies Diva Skirt

This is our boss lady Piper modeling her Diva Skirt. It is in the gray Ghastlies fabric, isn’t it fab!? We have all of the supplies for you to make one for your little diva here at the shop! We had sold out of most of our Ghastlie prints, but just received more! I am so in love with this and also with my little Piper!


Ghastlies Again!!!

Okay, so this is probably about my 3rd blog entry about the Ghastlies, but I think it deserves another mention. I am pretty sure this fabric collection is our top seller, of all time. Each time we receive more of it, it is out the door within a few days. So, Ready, Set, Go! Start you engines! There is more in the shop! I am making my self an Apron to wear all next month. Love, Love, Love!!! I just got really excited for Halloween, is it too early to start decorating?!