Organize Your Scrap

I love scraps. I make a lot of quilts with almost all scrap, and in my applique quilts, scraps can go a long way. I am pretty streamline in what I like to keep around in the majority of my life, but when it comes to scraps I am a hoarder. Jeanette taught me that every little piece of fabric is very valuable and so I must save them all. I am sure most of you feel the same way. But in order to use your scraps efficiently, you need to be able to retrieve them easily and keep them stored in an organized fashion that allows you to do this. I am constantly working on this part. So as part of my spring cleaning I have torn apart my work room and am re-tackling my scraps. So far I am really pleased with the solution I have come up with so I thought I would share it with you.

Before I had my scraps in a bunch of clear stackable boxes as shown above, but I just threw them in as I got them and they were not organized by color. I liked to be able to see them, but they looked pretty messy stacked up in my closet.

Now they are neatly tucked away and labeled by color in these clean white drawers! Here’s what I did.

First I separated all of my scraps by color in piles. This part was the biggest pain, it took some time, but luckily I had a lot of Modern Family episodes to catch up on while I sorted.

Then I put each color in its own (some colors required 2) clear plastic bag. The bags I used are about 14″ X 16″, but anything close to that will work. I used 2 Ikea Helmer organizers both in white   ( you may be able to get away with 1, depending on how many colors you have) and stacked them on top of each other, than gave each color a drawer.

Now anytime I need a color, I can just pull out the whole bag, rifle through it and put it back. I love it! What do you think? I think I may have finally found my permanent scrap solution!

Now that my scraps are done, I can move on the the rest of the mess. I will let you know when it is all pretty and perfect.

Kokka Fabrics

Seriously have you seen anything as cute as this?! We started receiving some of a very large Kokka order that we placed over the summer. The prints are Japanese imports and are just fantastic! There are lots more coming besides these over the next month. Both of these prints are a Linen and Cotton blend. I have a great little baby project already cooked up for them, I will share as soon as I am finished!

Ghastlies Again!!!

Okay, so this is probably about my 3rd blog entry about the Ghastlies, but I think it deserves another mention. I am pretty sure this fabric collection is our top seller, of all time. Each time we receive more of it, it is out the door within a few days. So, Ready, Set, Go! Start you engines! There is more in the shop! I am making my self an Apron to wear all next month. Love, Love, Love!!! I just got really excited for Halloween, is it too early to start decorating?!

Yuwa Trees Fabric

Okay, I am a little behind schedule and it is actually Saturday, but what the heck. This fabric is really one of my all time favorites in my stash at home. I have a ton of it and have used a little bit here and there, but I am saving the bulk of it for just the right project. I am not sure what that is yet, but I am sure I will know it when I see it. This is a Japanese fabric from Yuwa. The fabric was already unavailable when I spotted it at Quilt Market a few years ago. The fabric was being used as a back-drop on the Yuwa booth. After days of relentless begging and pleading to purchase it, the Yuwa staff gave it to me!!! I was beyond thrilled, to say the least. I used a little bit of it last year to make some frames of fabric to hang in my kitchen. They sell the frames at Ikea. It litterally takes minutes to make them, and I think they are a fabulous addition to any room! A great way to use some of your stash favorites!