The Peacock Scarf Revisited

I am currently making our Peacock Scarf in a completely different yarn than the original I made years ago. I absolutely adore it so far! What do you think? I am using a DK weight bamboo. It totally confirms for me the idea that this scarf  is truly beautiful when knit from any number of yarns. This pattern has been more popular on the internet than I had ever imagined when I first put it out there for free! While looking through the comments, I noticed that some people were confused by the third row. There are a series of P3tog (purl 3 toether) decreases, that many were worried would shrink the scarf in width. All of these decreases have a YO (yarn over) that precedes and follows them. Therefore you are decreasing2 stitches with the P3 tog and than adding them back with the yarn overs. To help any of you who are confused, we have made two short You Tube video that are below. Whether you are making this scarf or not, they will help you anytime you are doing a Yarn Over(YO).  I cannot wait to finish this scarf!

101 Luxury Yarn One Skein Wonders

I just completed this adorable bamboo cabled hat.  I think it will go to my nephew Aiden. I am so in love with knitting with the bamboo, it is so soft ans silky in your hands. I used Rowan Bamboo Soft, and the pattern for this comes from the book 101 Luxury Yarn One Skein Wonders. This book is amazing for quick to complete gifts. I plan on using it a bit more before the holidays. Yes, there is still time to finish some wonderful home-made items for your friends. I will make sure to share with you as they are completed.