Perfect Applique Circles

applique circles

We are going to share with you our favorite method to get perfect circles when you applique. The ones above, look pretty perfect, don’t they?! This is the method we use, to prepare the circles to be stitched down, whether it is by hand or machine. We like methods that have some sort of helper, we call them “training wheel” methods, they give you a GREAT result, with some help. For this method our helper is going to be vellum. Vellum is a see through, paper, but it actually isn’t a paper, its made from a different substance. You will need a sheet of vellum, a hole punch, some fabric, a glue stick, hand quilting thread, a straw needle and some scissors to do this.

Here we go!


You will need to get a hole punch that is the exact size, that you want your circle to be. Punch a circle from your vellum and adhere the circle to the wrong (back) side of your fabric with a fabric glue stick.


Thread the needle with your quilting thread. Stitch a tiny running stitch around your circle a scant 1/8” from the edge of the vellum circle with the wrong side facing you.


When you have gone all around, bring your needle to the right side. Trim the excess fabric to 1/8” from stitching line.


Pull the thread tight and do a little back stitch to hold your hand stitching in place.


That’s it! Now you can glue your circle into place on your background and either hand stitch with an applique stitch or use a machine applique stitch. You will just leave the velum in, it helps to keep your circle looking perfect and as the quilt is used and washed it will just soften and you won’t even notice it’s there.


See with “Training Wheels” Applique is not so scary! We LOVE Applique and want you to as well!

M is for Monster

m is for monster

We have finally finished our M is for Monsters Quilt! What do you think? We had a lot of fun with this quilt and our favorite thing about it was using Bamboo Felt for a lot of the applique! It is our new not so secret, secret ingredient!

Appliqued quilts are so much fun but we realize that they are a challenge. Using the bamboo felt, makes the experience very quick and easy. There are no raw edges and no needle turning.

 It washes beautifully unlike the Wool blend felt. There are tons of beautiful colors and the edges do not have to be turned under and will never fray. Wow this changes everything! If that isn’t enough it is a little thinner than regular felt and just a little thicker than regular quilting cotton. The texture change makes your applique designs really fun.

In the M is for Monsters quilt we used a combination of cotton fabrics and the Bamboo felt and we just love the way it turned out! The picture below is the color range of the felt, we will be carrying a lot of it in our shop and online very soon, so stay tuned. We also will be posting a little Bamboo felt applique tutorial on the blog next week that you won’t want to miss.

The M is for Monsters patterns are available now in a physical pattern & PDF and kits through the link below.

M is for Monster patterns & kits


We also sell the Bamboo Felt if you would like to give it a try for something else:

Bamboo Felt Kit 

bamboo wool felt

Cecilia’s Betsy’s Closet Quilt

betsy's closet

This is Cecilia and Emma! Cecilia made this darling version of the Betsy’s Closet quilt! Isn’t it wonderful!! This is her first  applique quilt that she made after taking our Machine Applique class! This quilt was made with love for little Emma. We love Cecilia and we our so proud of the work she did on this quilt!

Britt’s Animal Alphabet

Britt is a darling customer at the shop, and this is her quilt. The design is from the Animal Alphabet pattern from Don’t Look Now. She made it for her first baby who was born this summer. Isn’t it wonderful?! She did a fantastic job! Britt had never done any applique before taking our Invisible Machine Applique Class. If you love applique, but are scared of it, don’t be! You too can do quilts as fabulous as this!!!

Hansel & Gretel Quilt

Finally, let the fun begin! Here is our shop hop quilt , our fairy tale is “Hansel & Gretel”. I will not have much blogging time for the next few days, but will fill you in on all of the hop happenings later. If you can make it, the Hop is definitely worth attending, even if you can’t make it to every shop. We hope to see you!