Britt’s Animal Alphabet

Britt is a darling customer at the shop, and this is her quilt. The design is from the Animal Alphabet pattern from Don’t Look Now. She made it for her first baby who was born this summer. Isn’t it wonderful?! She did a fantastic job! Britt had never done any applique before taking our Invisible Machine Applique Class. If you love applique, but are scared of it, don’t be! You too can do quilts as fabulous as this!!!

Animal Alphabet

There is so much that isĀ  new at our shop, I will be posting and posting over the next few weeks. Don’t Look Now, is an Australian company that designed this quilt above and was one of our very favorite Quilt Market finds. We brought an order of patterns back to the shop and sold out of many of them in one day. Thank goodness I tracked these ladies down at their hotel and am going to pick up a re-order before they head back down under! The above quilt is called Animal Alphabet and am head over heels for it! Isn’t it fabulous!?