American Girl Club

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We have been working on some new wonderful outfits for our American Girl Club! We will be starting it up again in a few weeks with a new pattern & kit available every month. Here is just a little peek of a few of the upcoming looks. Please sent us a note if you would like to be on the club list and we will contact you every month so you can purchase a pattern or kit for that months set.What do you think?

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These will fit American Girl Dolls, the Pottery Barn Kids Dolls and any other 18″ doll.

American Girl Club

These make me want to have a little girl!!! We have a little 3 year old in our family who is getting really into dolls, so that made us really into dolls. As we were looking for all of the accessories, and clothing, we noticed that there was not a lot out there that was as fabulous as we felt it should be. So, of course, we got busy making our own. We have come up with so many wonderful items! We figured you would want to make them for the little doll lover in your life too! So we have started an American Girl club. Each month we will be producing kits for different doll items. You can just purchase the kits, (in the shop or we will be happy to ship them) or also attend the class to learn all of the techniques and tricks. There is so much on the docket: A Halloween costume, pajamas (matching for a girl and doll, of course), fairy wings, spring dress, an Ice skating outfit and so much more!!!! February will be our 1st month, with the items shown here, the outfit and quilt kit can be purchased together or separately. Make sure you call or e-mail us so we can add you to the list of participants!

P.S. These items will work for a lot of other dolls, including the Pottery Barn Kids versions.