Spotted Owls


I just love these owls!! I like how they are not as juvenile looking as many of the other owls on fabric that you see. I was told that this was the last bolt available when I ordered it, so somehow that makes it seem even more special.

Another fabulous fabric from Alexander Henry!

UPDATE, we no longer have this color, but we do have a cream version in stick, click here to order.

Ghastlies Again!!!

Okay, so this is probably about my 3rd blog entry about the Ghastlies, but I think it deserves another mention. I am pretty sure this fabric collection is our top seller, of all time. Each time we receive more of it, it is out the door within a few days. So, Ready, Set, Go! Start you engines! There is more in the shop! I am making my self an Apron to wear all next month. Love, Love, Love!!! I just got really excited for Halloween, is it too early to start decorating?!

Alphonse & Mona

YES!!! After being told numerous times that the fabulous Alphonse & Mona fabric from Alexander Henry was gone forever, a wonderful surprise shipment showed up at the shop today. We have been asked for this fabric over and over. So if you were one of those who we told the sad news, get in quick and snag some before it is gone again!