Story Quilts


If you love hand applique like we do , you will love these Story Quilts books from Yukari Takahara. Each book is absolutely stuffed with amazing images to applique and amazing quilt ideas. Children, babies, animals. holidays and seasons are the subjects in both books. We are currently obsessed! We think you will be too. We sold out of our first order in one class, the next order will be here next week. Click the link below to order one or both for your self.

Story Quilts Books


Bloom & Bliss Fabrics


We love everything about these fabrics from Nadra Ridgeway for Riley Blake. We have followed Nadra on Instagram for a while (she is @ellisandhiggs) and were excited to hear she had designed a fabric collection. Once we got our hands on it, it totally matched up with the fabulous fabrics we had envisioned in our minds. Blooms & Bliss has lots of colorful, fresh small prints that we are always wanting. Today we chopped a bunch of it up, and we cant wait to show you what we are making…

We have put together Fat Quarter Sets & Half Yard Bundles of our favorites from the collection as pictured above. Click here to shop for some.

A Bittersweet Goodbye to Sugarhouse

pipers pic2

Our building in Sugarhouse that Piper’s has resided in for almost 2 decades, has recently sold very quickly and we have moved out.

At this time we have decided to move into a Private Studio space, which will  mean the following:

We will no longer have a “retail” shop in Sugarhouse with regular shopping hours.

We WILL have a larger Online shop, specializing in Kits & Patterns of our Original Designs, our favorite notions & tools, and a larger selection of carefully curated beautiful fabrics & yarns

We WILL have Classes & Shopping Events at various Pop-Up locations(we may even travel & come closer to where you live!)

While it is bittersweet to leave a location we have loved for many years, we are very excited about what is to come, and hope that you will be too.

Make sure you are registered to receive our emails, and follow us on our Facebook page, Instagram and of course here on our Blog so that we can keep you “in the know” on all things Pipers.

Our phone number will remain the same, 801-484-5890.

Our First Pop UP Class!

Hand Applique with Jeanette, Wednesday, August 26th from 5:30-8:30 at The Junior League of SLC Headquarters 526 East 300 South: Come and learn the beautiful art of Hand Applique with all of the tricks that Jeanette uses to make her results so perfect!
Fabric Kit & Light refreshments are included.

Class Tuition is $75, you can register via phone (801-484-5890) or via email.

Attention Row by Row peeps! We are still continuing our Row by Row series, if you are a part of this group and have not completed all of the rows, don’t worry! We will be contacting you soon to let you know all of the info. If you need a kit or pattern, drop us a line, we will be happy to ship them to you with complimentary freight.


Perfect Applique Circles

applique circles

We are going to share with you our favorite method to get perfect circles when you applique. The ones above, look pretty perfect, don’t they?! This is the method we use, to prepare the circles to be stitched down, whether it is by hand or machine. We like methods that have some sort of helper, we call them “training wheel” methods, they give you a GREAT result, with some help. For this method our helper is going to be vellum. Vellum is a see through, paper, but it actually isn’t a paper, its made from a different substance. You will need a sheet of vellum, a hole punch, some fabric, a glue stick, hand quilting thread, a straw needle and some scissors to do this.

Here we go!


You will need to get a hole punch that is the exact size, that you want your circle to be. Punch a circle from your vellum and adhere the circle to the wrong (back) side of your fabric with a fabric glue stick.


Thread the needle with your quilting thread. Stitch a tiny running stitch around your circle a scant 1/8” from the edge of the vellum circle with the wrong side facing you.


When you have gone all around, bring your needle to the right side. Trim the excess fabric to 1/8” from stitching line.


Pull the thread tight and do a little back stitch to hold your hand stitching in place.


That’s it! Now you can glue your circle into place on your background and either hand stitch with an applique stitch or use a machine applique stitch. You will just leave the velum in, it helps to keep your circle looking perfect and as the quilt is used and washed it will just soften and you won’t even notice it’s there.


See with “Training Wheels” Applique is not so scary! We LOVE Applique and want you to as well!

Wearable LED Light

sewliteThis is our very favorite new toy! If you are a hand work addict like us, and want to be able to have fantastic light while working on your project, you totally need this! Its a wearable LED light, that you can aim directly on your knitting, crochet, hand quilting ect and really, actually and truly SEE what you are working on. Awesome! Right!? Your welcome! If you would like to order one from us, click the link below:

Click this link to order: Sewlite wearable LED light

E is for Elephant Part Duex

e is for Elephant IIWe loved our E is for Elephant quilt so much, we decided to make another one, this time with a little more modern look. There were also a lot of you who were asking for a way to make it a little more boyish and we feel as though this meets that mark too. What do you think? Do you like this one more or the original with the pinwheels? or both like me! Again we used machine applique, but you can use your favorite method, whatever that may be. We made some kits, just like ours, if you would like one, just click below.

E is for Elephant II Kits

UPDATE: This pattern is also now available in a PDF for instant Digital Download, just click here to order.

E is for Elephant