Baby Cashmerino 2

We are so glad to have this book back in the shop! We had trouble getting it for some time and we were worried it was heading out of print. The baby bolero on the books cover has been one of our most popular store displays ever! Everything in this book can be made by a beginner, and you will want to make everything in the book. Baby Cashmerino 2 is a fabulous book! There are a total of 11 patterns for both boys and girls sized from newborn to 2 years. We just can’t seem to get enough of Debbie Bliss around here.

101 Luxury Yarn One Skein Wonders

I just completed this adorable bamboo cabled hat.  I think it will go to my nephew Aiden. I am so in love with knitting with the bamboo, it is so soft ans silky in your hands. I used Rowan Bamboo Soft, and the pattern for this comes from the book 101 Luxury Yarn One Skein Wonders. This book is amazing for quick to complete gifts. I plan on using it a bit more before the holidays. Yes, there is still time to finish some wonderful home-made items for your friends. I will make sure to share with you as they are completed.

Easy Kid Knits

Easy Kids Knits

I am not sure why, but for some reason it is a bit tricky to find good knitting patterns for kids. There are a million for babies and toddlers and adults, not so many for 3-10 year old’s. Easy Kids Knits just arrived at the shop and has fabulous patterns for young ones. Most of the patterns are unisex styles and all of them are very simple designs.

Easy Knits for Kids 2

This is my favorite pattern in the book (I wish it came in my size), but really every one is worth making. There are 10 different sweaters and a bunch of darling accessories. This book is definitelty a keeper !

Easy Kids Knits 3

Baby Fair Isle

Baby Fair Isle
Jeanette just completed another adorable baby sweater! Of course it is pink! This is from the book Debbie Bliss Essential Knits for kids that is shown below. It is a wonderful book because there are knits for older kids up to 5 years. Beacause of the amount of colors that you will need for this sweater, we are making kits, that will be available next week. Perfect for you to get going on now, for that little one to wear in the fall.

Essential Knits for Kids

Farrow Rib Scarf



The Farrow Rib pattern is one of my favorites to knit. It has a really nice rythym to it, and is easy enough to knit while watching TV ( which I will be doing a lot of the next few days because I finally joined the 21st century and have TIVO ! I am so excited to watch the Golden Globes without commercials!!!) .It is also a really beautiful pattern! Above is a scarf I am making from Karabella’s Soft Tweed. Isn’t the color amazing? The pattern below is for the exact scarf that I am making, but you can easily change the pattern, It just needs to have K3, P1 across and always end with an extra K1.