I am lucky because…Ronan slept through the night

Well if I am being totally honest here,it was only most of the way through the night. But it was the longest stretch ever, so I am calling it a win. My child seems to not need sleep, he does not really nap either. It has been a little hard on me and I am sure not the best thing for him either. But somewhere along this crazy week, we turned a corner. He took a real nap most every day and than last night slept from 9 until 5:30 am. It was fantastic! I might actually resemble a normal person today! If any of you have any amazing sleep tips, techniques or books, please let me know. I would love for this sleeping thing to continue and possibly get even better. I really am lucky just to wake up to his big blowfish, slobbery kisses every morning, being his mom is the best!

I am lucky because… I am falling behind.

This is my sewing table, with only a small portion of my neglected sewing projects.  I am struggling with keeping up with all of my jobs such as sewing, blogging and such while performing my new job as a mom. I was feeling a little down on myself today and thinking about how I am not getting anything done. Than I realized how lucky I am to be a bit behind. I am getting to spend tons of time with the most precious new friend I could have imagined. So actually, I am getting a lot of very important items done, just different than what I was accomplishing before. With that said, I am still missing my projects terribly. I am determined to get back on track right away. There are some really cute new fabrics at the shop that I am dying to cut into, so you will be seeing much more of me and what is going on at Pipers right away!

I am lucky because: I am going to be a mom!

Just a little personal sharing, I am very excited to announce that I am going to be a mom for the first time this summer. This is our most recent ultrasound from a few weeks ago where we found out it is a Boy! Jeanette is double excited because she is getting two grandchildren a few weeks apart. My sister-in-law Shannon is also having a baby about the same time. Shannon is also the mom of Piper, who has become a little famous on our blog. I am sure this new little guy will be an inspiration for some new fantastic display items in the shop right away. We tend to be a little more biased to girls items around here, I think he may put a stop to that.

I am Lucky Because…. I can still rope swing!

This is me this weekend! I was a little nervous the first time, but practically ran back for several more jumps. I have some rope burn, but it was totally worth it!  A few of my friends and family went tubing on the Weber river, and smack dab in the middle of the river is this fantastic swing that some wonderful family has set up for everyone to enjoy. I was starting to feel a little old this summer and this swing was just what I needed to knock that idea out of my head.  So I am daring you (actually double daring you), to try something this summer that you haven’t done since your were 16. I will be trying lots more!