Blooming Star Block

Blooming Star TutorialI have been having a lot of fun making these blocks lately! I really wanted something scrappy and happy to use up some of my favorite fabrics in my stash, and these fit the bill for that perfectly.  I played around with a few other blocks and landed on this one, I am calling Blooming Star. I have finished about 12 of them, and want to make 24 in all for a quilt, that I have not finished designing yet. I decided to do a tutorial that I am sharing with all of you and hopefully you will want to stitch some along with me. They are a lot easier than they look, so get some fabric together and get sewing! The tutorial is in a PDF that you can download on the link below:

Blooming Star Tutorial

Blooming Star BlocksWhen I finish the entire quilt, I will make sure to share it here. Please share your pictures if you make any! On Instagram please tag @pipersgirls and use hashtags #pipersgirls #bloomingstar, or post to our page on Facebook.

Chamonix Hat

chamonix Hat Free Crochet PatternThis one if for you Crochet lovers out there! This hat is super simple and quick to make and will work with any bulky weight yarn. You can whip one out in no time at all to keep your little ones (or yourself) warm, now that the weather has started to change. You can add a pom-pom on the top, or even an flower to make it extra girly. There is a perfect sized crochet flower included in this pattern. See the picture below to see one that was made with a furry yarn and the flower on top. Enjoy! Click the link below to download the Pattern in a PDF.

Chamonix Hat Pattern

chamonix hat free pattern

Turn your quilt into a Scrapbook


This is s super simple tip, that will turn your quilt into a scrapbook of any kind with only a little effort. Why not turn your quilt into a record of memories. This is our O is for Owl quilt and we have been recording the milestones in my niece Piper’s life onto the flags as she creates them. We have used a permanent Pigma pen to write them down, and as she is now writing herself, she can start to record them in her own handwriting. Now, not only does she have a quilt she loves but it will be a scrapbook of sorts for milestones in the beginning of her little life. You can do this on any pattern and it really doesn’t take much time! This will work great for children, babies, anniversary gifts, weddings and much more!

o is for owl

“Dog Ears”


We have had several calls and emails with questions on how to get your points to line up on our Try, Tri Again quilt featured in the current Spring issue of Quilts and More. So we decided to show you how easy it is, by just making sure you have “dog ears” on all of your points. Click the link below to see our super simple (mostly pictures ) tutorial.

“Dog Ears” Tutorial

Felt Applique Tutorial


We talked a little while back about our new Love Affair with Bamboo Felt. We have been using it a lot in our applique quilts recently, so we thought we better give you a quick run down on our technique so that you can try it out yourself! We used a lot of the felt appliqué in our M is for Monsters quilt as you can see on the guy above, it can add a wonderful 3 D element and a wow factor! i just started a Monster Lovie Doll that I decided I MUST make for my little guy for Valentine’s, I used it to show you our Felt Applique technique, and will share the full pattern as well as the finished result, later this week in case any of you want to make one too! Click the link below for our full tutorial:

Felt Machine Applique Tutorial

We also sell it it sheets and sample packs if you would like to get some and give it a try. Bamboo Felt from Piper’s Girls

Modern Eye Spy Quilt


I had an absolute blast making this quilt for my son Ronan! Picking and collecting fabrics that I knew he would love was so much fun. He loves to pick out the animals, veggies, cars and especially the potty I added to the quilt. I love that this quilt is educational, but I also am thrilled with the simple modern aesthetic, and it matches his room perfectly. I used Riley Blake’s “Pewter” solid as my background, but that can be easily changed to white, pink, navy, green, or whatever color will match your little one’s room, or let them pick their favorite color. You will be able to finish this quilt in no time at all and it is simple enough for any beginner to make it. Plus we are giving you the pattern for free!! Click the link below to download your very own copy!

Modern Eye Spy Pattern in PDF

Picture 5765