Fabric Easter Basket


My daughter Bea needed an Easter Basket and I really wanted to make her one of these fabric versions. Years ago we taught these as a class, it was always popular as they are quick to make and adorable. Plus they are no-sew,  only hot glue gun skills are required. Than I thought if we were making some, we might as well make a tutorial to share with all of you. These baskets really are very simple to make, and you can finish one in a matter of hours. These are a great T.V. project, as you are just repeating the same simple steps again and again. You should already have most of what you need other than the Upholstery Piping Cord that makes up the base of the project, but it is widely available and pretty inexpensive. The fabric strips are cut on bias, you will cut them the same way as you cut bias for binding. If you need a little help on that, we have a very old video that shows you how , just click here to access it: Cutting Bias Binding.  It is the same technique as in our video, you will just cut a smaller width of strip for this basket.

Don’t worry there is still time to make one for this year, or don’t rush and you will be ready for next years decor. Happy Easter!

Click the link below for the PDF pattern:

Fabric Easter Basket


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