The Awl, Our Favorite Tool


The one sewing and quilting tool that I use the most is an awl. Surprisingly,I find that most quilters  don’t have one or use one. I recommend you get one and give it a whirl. You may even find some new uses for it. Here are just a few ways that I use mine.

1. “No more flipped seam allowances”. How many times has your seam been flipped by your sewing machine foot and sewn down in the wrong direction? This happens really easily and can cause you some trouble while stitching your quilt. If you use the point of your awl to guide the seam under the foot in the right direction this will never happen. Any time you have tricky seams, whip out your awl. So simple! (As shown above)

2. When easing 2 pieces of fabric together, use the awl to pull or push the fabric where you need it to be and hold it in place while stitching.

3. I use my awl as my un-picker,  I like it better than any other I have tried.

4. It is a fantastic way to tease, push and pull a project that is sewn inside out and than reversed. For example an animal softie. When you turn it inside out, the awl is the best tool in the world to get all on the legs and hands to turn inside out to exactly the correct shape.

5. We also use the awl to easily turn under the seam allowance edges for our machine Applique method.

This is only the start! There are 101 other uses , I will share more in further posts. Give it a try!

If you need one, you can purchase one from us by clicking here! AWL


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