Quick Tips & Tools: Fold-Away Sewing Machine Table!

sewing table

We are loving this new fold-away sewing machine table! Are you sewing flush with your table? If you are not you are really missing out! It makes such a difference in how comfortable you are as well as your accuracy when stitching. In order to do this you need a special table with an opening and an insert that is specially cut for your machine. Most of the sewing machine tables we have found along the years that offer this option had prices that often took our breath away! We have finally found a great little table that is very reasonably priced! Plus it has the option to fold away to about 3″ wide if you are short on space.  We are using it in our sewing studio at the shop and just love it! We have just worked out the kinks on getting them shipped  anywhere in the U.S. if  any of you would like one! They come in Maple or the white as shown and are $285 , plus $16 shipping. This price includes a clear sewing machine insert cut to fit your sewing machine! You can order one through this link or if you are local come by the shop to order. This is one of our new favorite tools!

sewing table

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