Magic Spray Sizing

Jeanette tells all of her Beginning Quilting students to buy this product. Lately I have had a ton of people thank us for mentioning it because they just love it and cannot believe the difference it makes when pressing their fabrics for a quilt project. So I thought I should share it with you!

Every once in a great while a product comes along that lives up to  the claims of how wonderful it is.  I have found one. It is ” Magic Spray Sizing.  It comes in extra crispy and regular.  I use the regular strength to give my quilting fabrics a little extra body. Spray it onto all of your fabrics before you press. It makes cutting so much easier and the seam allowances stay right where you put them,  so no more twisted seam allowances. If you are marking fabric for embroidery or appliqué the whole  process becomes  easier and more accurate.  When it comes to pressing clothing it really makes the whole task faster and with a professional result.  There is a “Best press” product out being sold in quilt shops but I do not like it nearly as well. The overspray is a huge mess and the fabric gets too wet. The magic spray sizing is just a light spray so pressing goes a lot faster with beautiful results.  give it a try, it really is one of those products that works great! Plus it is only a few dollars!

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