Modern Applecore

We have wanted to start a series of video tutorials on for blog for some time now. Unfortunately our sewing & knitting skills are a little more advanced than our technological ones.  But, we finally just decided to go for it! While our videos may not be technologically perfect, I think we have some great tips to share with you, and hopefully that is what gets across. We have a lot of fabulous ideas for these tutorials, but if you have any suggestions , please share them with us. We would love to be able to get you the information you are wanting! So please, comment with some feedback.

Our first video tutorial is how to make our fantastic Modern Applecore with ease! We love this quilt! It is such a fresh addition to the decor of a room! We loves to use lots of different large modern floral fabrics, but really anything will work. Once you understand how to sew the curves, it goes together very quickly.  The quilt is easily made with fat quarters, and we all have a million of those right?


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