I am lucky because: I found this quilt just In time!

Without fail every time I clean my sewing room, I find something fabulous that was totally lost & forgotten. This time it was this Midnight in the garden quilt I made YEARS ago. It is made with a cotton background and wool applique, I wish I could remember the designer, but for the life of me I cannot(if you know, please comment). It is all finished except for the hand quilting. Now that I have just the perfect little man to give it to, it is just in time. I must get it finished! So tonight I am going to mark it with cross hatching and start stitching. I have not done much hand quilting lately, so it will be good to get back into it.

I finally finished cleaning my sewing room! I am sure it will be a mess again soon, but I LOVE working in it when it is all organized. Besides my scrap organization, I also cleaned out and organized all of my projects and patterns, fabric, everything is labeled and has a spot! Get ready to be impressed, well as impressed as you can be with a teeny room in the basement.

My cutting table has little shelves on both sides with all of my fabric  folded and organized by color now.

The shelves are stuffed but looking a lot neater.

This is a walk in closet that is usually the scariest place, but everything is all organized and tidy. Even my giant work table is all folded up! Usually it is open and so full with stuff it is hard to actually use.

Even my sewing table is mostly clear and ready for action! Woo Hoo! It is amazing what a little late night energy burst can amount to, now if only I could have one of those every night, who knows what I could accomplish.

P.S. Jeanette just sent me a text (yes she can text now!, it is amazing) of another sneak peak of the Monster Quilt!

Can you believe it!!!! I am so in love!!! Can you believe she has made 2 of them that are identical so that both of her grandsons can have one, so eventually one of these fabulous quilts will be at my house. We are working on the kits , so make sure to get your name on our wait  list because I am sure they will be a hot ticket! If you just want the pattern, you need the Little Monsters pattern plus an addendum pattern that we will be posting free on the blog in a few weeks.  LOVE!!!!!