Favorite Fabric Friday: Gray Bear Essential

We are still working busily on our new website, trying to stock it with everything from our shop. I am working on adding some fabrics today, primarily backgrounds. It got me thinking… I never pick a background for a favorite fabric, even though I use them constantly. If you are an applique lover like all us Pipers girls , backgrounds are your best friend. We need to remedy this right away, so, I am picking one today. The fabric above is my new favorite background. Many of our customers in the shop agree, as we are on our 4th bolt and it has only been out for a few months.. The fabric is the a gray and creamy white from P& B’s Bear Essential line. I think it is stunning! Gray is color that is often missing from many fabric lines, which is too bad, because it works well with everything. I Love it!!

P.S. For all of you locals, we are going to be open this Monday, the MLK Holiday from 12-5. If you get the day off from your job, come and pay us a little visit.

Please enjoy your weekend and make sure to add a little creativity into it!

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