Cutting Bias Binding

Jeanette filmed a series of quick how to videos a little while back. They are fantastic and really helpful. You can find all of them featured on the side bar of our blog. We have been getting a lot of Bias Binding questions at the shop lately so I thought I would start to feature some of these videos, just in case you did not realize they were here. We are going to start filming some of our very own for the blog. Please give us some suggestions on what tips you would like to see!

Just click the link below for the video.

How To Cut Bias Binding

PS. Around here we love stripes for bias binding!

3 thoughts on “Cutting Bias Binding

  1. So glad you posted this! I’ve actually been wondering if I am pressing my seams correctly. I was able to find the video Jeanette did on ehow about pressing seams. Problem solved! Thankyou!

  2. Wow this was helpful! Now I can cut my own binding. I like the simple tutorials. Anything related to piecing, basting, binding, knitting, applique would be great.

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