Tiny Treasure: Wool Pets


We have been busy working on new samples for the shop for spring. If your in Utah right now, it sure doesn’t seem like it is that time of year anymore! But anyway, we are going to do a wool critters class in the next little bit, and here are some of the experiments so far. Cindy and Jeanette worked on these last week, and are both very addicted, so I am sure that there will be more to show off soon. Jeanette is making a replica of all of the dogs in our family over the years and gave me the mini Sadie below. Some of you may remember Sadie as our former shop dog. She was the best! I love the little fat quarter that Jeanette added. Sadie used to steal them from unsuspecting shoppers and then run around Piper’s, hoping that someone would get in on her game.


This is Cindy’s little blue bird. Definitely a tiny treasure!