Latest & Greatest: A Little Lady

Everyone is always coming into the shop and asking for Piper. Well there is no Piper at the shop.Piper’s is named for Grandma Piper (Ethel May Piper) who was Jeanette’s grandmother. An amazing lady, who she wanted to honor, by naming the store after her.

Well now there will be a new namesake for the shop. Shannon is bringing us the new Piper in the early fall. Finally some one will be sporting all of the amazing pink items Jeanette has been cranking out over the years.

I am sure little Piper will be folding fat quarters soon after learning to walk.

We found this darling baby shower invite from sparklepants on Etsy. I cannot even tell you how much I love Etsy! I am sure you have already been, but if not, go now. It is everything wonderful for gifts, home decor, baby items and so much more. Many of our customers and friends have Etsy shops. The best part about it is supporting small independent artists directly.