Latest & Greatest: Shoes!

Last week Jeanette and I took Piper to Nordstroms. We mostly go there for the shoes, in case you do not already know, they have the best shoe department in the Universe! As we tried on potential new additions to our spring wardrobe, Piper insisted on trying them all on too. She would have a little moment (a tiny tantrum) anytime we tried a shoe on and it was not handed to her immediately after wards.  Apparently she has inherited the shoe gene from her mother’s side of the family. Sometimes after the shoe was on her foot she would clap.  I feel like doing the same thing sometimes! Ahhh Shoes!

Latest & Greatest

Piper took her first ride around the neighborhood on her dads bike last weekend! A major milestone.You can already tell that she is a speed demon, she laughed the whole time. Apparently when he took her off, she went back to the seat and said, “up, up”.
I am really in love with the green bike seat that Piper is using. Her Dad knows everything there is to know about biking, and recommends this seat which is by Ibert. The company is local to Utah, so that is another plus!

Latest & Greatest: Lipstick

Piper is very fond of rummaging through my purse, apparently there are all sorts of treasures hidden inside. The other day she pulled out my lip gloss and started rubbing the closed container on her lips and laughing. So I guess she is watching my every move, which is a little scary and very sweet all at the same time. Now every time she gets my handbag, she goes right for the lipstick, and is very pleased with herself once she finds it. I may need to find a locking lip gloss now.

Latest & Greatest

Piper at Alta
Here is the latest and greatest of my niece Piper. She turned 10 months old yesterday! Time flies. This beautiful photo was taken by her dad at Alta.

I also have to give a shout out to one of my favorite little guys Flynn. He just turned 2 last week and is already thinking he is too cool for the rest of us. His mom Allison is one of my very best friends and has an amazing blog that you should check out. It is called Scarcity & Abundance and she has amazing ideas for living life with a lot less and ending up with a lot more.

Flynn is 2