Book Review: The A-Z series can’t be beat!

A-Z of Quilting

A-Z of knitting

You may already know about the A-Z book series, but if not you are seriously missing out. They are bar none the best instructional books out there! These are two of my favorites and along with the A-Z of Crochet are consistently the top sellers at Piper’s. So I thought ¬†they deserved a blog mention. They cover everything you would ever need to know about the subject, but it is the way they show you which makes them so wonderful. Each lesson has step by step color photographs with great detail, so you can actually inderstand what is going on! Oh and they are spiral bound so that you can actually use them while doing a project without having a third hand to hold them open to the spot you need. Enough said, they are the best! So we are a little behind on buliding our new website, but it is going to be worth the wait. So in the mean time, I have made an Etsy shop for the store, which you can shop at now and buy these wonderful books.

step by step

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